Raven Flying Floats

Think side planer board meets steerable bobber.  Use these flying floats to trot a bait down one side of a weed bed, pump it across the back of the weed bed and draw it up the other side.  Alternatively you can fly a bait under overhanging trees or float fish mid river without the need for a paternoster to hold things in place.  Can also be used as side planer boards when trolling.

The float is ‘fixed’ in place via a float rubber on the arm and an eye at the base.  Slacken off when you get a take and the float turns round, offering little resistance.  When fighting a fish the float rubber pops off the arm and the float is then free to slide.  NB: We have been experimenting with a ‘fish pulls the pin’ (FPTP) release mechanism which is under test and may be released soon.  The FPTP mechanism uses soft wind-on materials to facilitate attaching the float to the line at the desired depth.  However, when the fish pulls the pin, the float (and pin) become free to slide out of the way.  Photos and videos to follow.

No need for a left or right version as arm extends to both sides and the eye will turn to accommodate rapid changes.

The arm is adjustable in length to fine tune the angle the Raven cuts against the flow.

Check out the videos below from field trials….