Welcome to LucyLures, the home of really innovative predator fishing tackle:

Some of our innovative predator tackle


  • Catch & Release lure bodies
  • Catch & Release hook-sets
  • Deadbait trolling rigs
  • Wind-on traces
  • Raven Flying Floats



Here at LucyLures we have been working on innovative predator fishing tackle for sometime.

Our initial inspiration was to get rid of the bulk of the hardware that can cause damage to the fish that we catch (why have 9 hook points on a 6″ lure when 2 or 3 will do the job) and that gave rise to our approach to lure design:

  • hook-less lure bodies
  • Hook-sets tuned to the target species
  • Wind-on (up) traces




We then applied our thoughts to dead-bait trolling rigs to fly a bait down the water column:





More recently we have been working on the Raven Flying Float so that anglers can get the flow to work for them rather than against them to fly their baits into previously inaccessible places.


Everything we sell is made to order so email us to let us know what you want to achieve and together we will tailor things to your requirements.

Our lure bodies and flying floats are made using CAD and 3D printers.  Airbrush paints and layers of high gloss finish do the rest.  If you want us to add your name to yours – just let us know.



We can be contacted at info@lucylures.com.